Blue brings a smooth foot taping beat to Wayne Shorter’s “Infant Eyes” leading the charge on soprano saxophone as drummer Eric Kennedy lends a persuasive undercurrent. “Amour” boasts 11 tracks riding on Blue’s wave of creativity that brings his unforgettable journey to life.

Jazz Notes by Ron Scott, New York Amsterdam News, May 2017

Yet he (Dr. Randy Weston) was continually in the moment, particularly when dialoguing with or comping for Blue, whose kinetic improvisations evoked a refracted blend of Bird, Cannonball, Benny Carter and Jackie McLean.

– Review by Ted Panken for Downbeat November 2016

Talib Kibwe…..I didn’t know his work until this album, and his instrumental voice is so personal, clear, and incisive that I kept playing back his solos for the sheer pleasure of such fresh sounds of surprise. If I were still producing jazz records, I would call Kibwe as soon as I got his number.

– from Nat Hentoff’s liner notes for Benny Powell’s “Why Don’t You Say Yes, Sometimes” recording.

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Great happenings tonight 7/24 Farafina 1813 Amsterdam Ave and 149th St in duo plays Amour 7:30pm LOL @realTKBlue
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