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Talib Kibwe….. I didn’t know his work until this album, and his instrumental voice is so personal, clear, and incisive that I kept playing back his solos for the sheer pleasure of such fresh sounds of surprise. If I were still producing jazz records, I would call Kibwe as soon as I got his number.

– Nat Hentoff’s liner notes for Benny Powell’s “Why Don’t You Say Yes, Sometimes” recording

A real ceremony in memory mixing the most essential jazz: an inventive rereading of even the most distant heritage using jazz codes (blues, swing, hot-expression) with the colors, the inspirations that Randy Weston magnified in his music, from the American continent but the great African spaces dreamed and interpreted by his imagination and his humanism.

– Yves Sportis for Jazz Hot France

“Kasbah” is my kind of jazz, straight-ahead and unapologetic. It’s the first of nineteen tracks on this CD of abundant and excellent music…T.K.Blue’s melodies are infectious. He’s a dynamic composer.

– Dee Dee McNeil, jazz journalist for musicalmemoirs.wordpress.com

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Kasbah 330A from The Rhythms Continue JAJA Records

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