Format : CD

Record Company: Dot Time
Release Date: May 12, 2017
Catalog No: DT9074

T.K. Blue
Leader, composer, arranger, alto and soprano saxophones, flute, mbira, sanza, and lukembi

The following artists appear on tracks:
1. Banlieue Blue | 2. Infant Eyes | 3. Parisian Memoir
4. A Single Tear Of Remembrance | 6. Dream Time
9. Requiem For A Loved 1 (Part 2)

Warren Wolf: piano and vibraphone
Jeff Reed: acoustic bass
Eric Kennedy: drums
Roland Guerrero: percussion on tracks 2 and 4

The following artists appear on tracks:
5. Resolution | 7. 204 | 8. Abdoulaye (Prospere)
10. La Petite Fleur | 11. Elvin Elpus

Zaccai Curtis: piano
Essiet Essiet: acoustic bass
Winard Harper: drums
Roland Guerrero: percussion (tracks 5 and 8)
Gregoire Maret: harmonica
Etienne Charles: trumpet (track 11)

Excerpts from this recording can be heard on various pages of this website.

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